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The birth of Core Restore Chorlton..

So my fabulous pal Sarah and I got chatting at a rather amazing party in late 2015. We were in full fancy dress (think ballroom dancer and can can girl), wine was most definitely taken. I'm not totally sure in what direction the conversation was going, but we discovered we both have a passion for empowering people to get fitter, stronger and more confident.

The end of that night was a little more fluffy and less clear but we knew this was the start of something.

Our meet ups over many cups of coffee, pens and pads out and brains in gear resulted in the set up of our core restore classes in April 2016.

Our early class focuses on people who might have low back pain or weakness, pelvic floor pain or bladder weakness or actually just want to learn how the hell to do those bloody squats in the HIIT session properly. By using lots of breathing pratice, slow and controlled exercises we ensure that all our participants are increasing in strength, confidence and feel fit for more activity.

Our post natal class attracts women who have given birth fairly recently and babies normally come along for the fun. Often women have specific concerns about a prolapse or diastasis recti (seperated abdominals). Or you may even think that these areas are totally past their best. We are keen to show you that the amazing body that helped you grow and birth a whole baby just needs some pointers in the right direction to get you fit for being a parent.

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