Physiotherapy sessions Update June 2020

As of May we were given the green light by the Goverment and our professional body (CSP) that we were able to restart face to face sessions. 

Having said that, we have taken some time to ensure that we are able to follow the very strict guidelines. This has involved writing full risk assessment policies for the clinic, purchasing and testing the relevant PPE and checking in with our professional body and colleagues. 

At the current time we are running our service in this model:

  • if you contact us with an issue we will offer a phone call or online consultation initially.

  • if we then feel that you would benefit from a face to face session, we will commence a full risk assessment and discussion with you.

  • as we go through this process we will talk you through the specific PPE and the layout of the clinic, to ensure your safety and minimise contact. 

  • if, at any time, you or we decide that face to face sessions are not appropriate, we will continue with online and phone consultations that we have been using effectively for 3 months.


If you have any questions about the new policies then please do get in touch, we realise that people are all living with their own circumstances and we want, most of all, for you to feel supported, safe and empowered. 

Take care, 

Katie and Nick