Physiotherapy sessions. 

As of June 2022 we were given the green light by the Government and our professional body (CSP) that we are able to have face to face sessions with optional face masks. We may choose to wear a mask if we have any worries about Covid symptoms - even if LFT are clear - or if you ask us to.  

The clinic room will still be ventilated and cleaned between patients. 

If you have any questions about the new policies then please do get in touch, we realise that people are all living with their own circumstances and we want, most of all, for you to feel supported, safe and empowered. 

Take care, 

Katie and Nick 

The sessions in our clinic are booked out for an hour, meaning we have time for a full assessment, treatment and plan of action. These cost £42 assessment and follow up. We have a card machine for ease or can send a payment link if needed. We are fully registered with many insurance companies so do contact us to enquire.