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Online and in studio live classes.

Strength and Conditioning Classes

These classes were originally designed for all the runners we see in clinic who wanted guidance for their all important strength to support a specific training program, increasing speed/distance or just trying to stay injury free! 

The classes run live on zoom, with weekly links sent out for the 3 days. You can also come and do the class in the studio with me if you prefer the in person option. 

Here's what some kind people have said about the classes!

"I love the convenience of get up, grab a coffee, kit on, do the class and job done by 7.15am 👍"

"Thanks so much for the classes, I am convinced they got me safely through my marathon training. I am so glad I stuck with them! " 

"I always know which muscles you were targeting sometime later in the day 😁"

These are now on offer at 6.30am, 7.15am Monday and Thursdays. Or 7.15am Fridays. £6.00 per class or part of the monthly subscription package. 

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