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I always wanted to be a physiotherapist, the dream of massaging Eric Cantona's legs was pretty strong! I achieved this in 1997 at Leeds Metropolitan University. 

Since then I have worked within the NHS,

private practice, overseas and with international netball teams and county rugby teams. And, as it turns out the lure of the international sports star was not all that. Actually meeting, treating,  and listening to all the interesting people in everyday life is by far the most rewarding. If someone has acute back pain which is preventing them from working or an injury that is stopping them run, it is amazing to be involved in their recovery and rehabilitation. 

Physiotherapy is all about getting people moving, being the best they can be and getting the most out of their life.

Since having my children I have started to understand the extra challenges in recovery from pregnancy and the postnatal period. This period can last a few months or many years but need not be a permanent barrier. Women may want to return to crossfit or zumba or they might just simply want to chase a runaway child down the street. I see my role as getting them in good condition to achieve any or all of these. 

I am always happy to have a chat or email if you are wondering if I can  help you now or in the future. 

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